The Best Ways to Explore Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the last states to join the Union, and although it is an American state, this remote island chain is an exotic and popular place for tourism. Many Americans take vacations every single year, and Hawaii ranks among the top destinations for domestic tourism along with Florida and California’s coasts. A person or family may plan a trip to this island state ahead of time, and Hawaii vacation ideas are countless. There’s a lot to see and do on a sightseeing adventure, and Hawaii vacation ideas may involve land, boat, or air. Hawaii helicopter tours, for example, are a fine way to explore this state from a high vantage point. A person brainstorming some Hawaii vacation ideas may decide to book a helicopter flight for themselves and their group, and helicopter tours in Oahu can offer a panoramic view of the state. What other Hawaii vacation ideas might a tourist try out?

The Popularity of Hawaii and Vacations

Tourism is a business like any other, and today, the American domestic tourism trade is a big one. Most American tourism is in fact domestic, and this industry employs many people, such as plane pilots and staff, hotel staff, tour bus and taxi drivers, tour guides, and more. Meanwhile, many working people today are always up for another vacation. Around 96% of Americans agree that taking vacations is indeed important to them, and an AAA survey found that 35% of people are planning a vacation further than 50 miles from home. And for any American who does not already live in Hawaii, this state is bound to be further than 50 miles away, and its exotic, tropical islands can be highly alluring.

How popular is Hawaii? Very, and more people than ever are visiting it. As of 2017, Hawaii welcomed 9.3 million guests, which in fact is a 4.6% increase from 2016’s figures. As of 2016, Hawaii had nearly 220,000 tourists at any given time, and this figure might grow in the near future as the tourism industry grows. A group may book plane tickets and airplane reservations well ahead of time, especially during the busy season, and see everything that this state has to offer. This may also include booking spots for guided tours while there.

Hawaii Vacation Ideas

Often, the best way to explore an exotic place like Hawaii is with a tour guide to show guests all the fascinating sights and sounds and explain them along the way. One way to do this is by boat. Water-based tours can be great fun and can show a tourist the native marine life, ranging from colorful fish to dolphins to coral formations. Guests can take photos and videos as they go, and watch dolphins swim and play in formation. Dolphins are a popular marine species to watch, since they are graceful swimmers and are also highly intelligent. Out in the wild, dolphins may be found swimming in groups, or pods.

Or, the guest may choose to actually get into the water and try out a scuba or snorkeling tour in shallower waters. This can be thrilling for a guest, to see wildlife up close and face to face. Of course, some wildlife is dangerous, such as jellyfish and sharks, so warning signs should be taken seriously.

Hawaii vacation ideas can take a guest to the air. Helicopter tours, as mentioned earlier, are a fine way to get a panoramic view of this state, and a tour guide will explain local wildlife and history along the way. This isn’t the same as hailing a cab, though; a tourist can and should book a helicopter flight beforehand. And if the guest is visiting during the busy season, it may be a good idea to book that flight well ahead of time. AS person can search “Hawaii helicopter tour openings” followed by the tourist’s intended dates of visiting.

Right before the flight, guests can arrive on site and look over the helicopter to check for problems, and get the credentials of the pilots on staff. And during the flight, headsets make it easier for everyone to hear each other of the vehicle’s noise. Flights will probably only be canceled due to dangerous weather, to make sure everyone is safe.

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