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6 Tips on How to Get the Most from Helicopter Experience in Hawaii

It is beyond doubt that Hawaii is among the leading tourist attractions in the world. It prides itself with magical scenery, the best of them being a variety of islands. It also has other breathtaking features such as the beautiful Pacific Ocean, fantastic landscape, and much more. Oahu is the one place you must tour when in Hawaii. Ideally, it is Hawaii’s heartbeat.

Unfortunately, you are most likely to travel on a stringent schedule. Therefore, you might feel the pressure to manage to tour every tourist attraction in Hawaii. Time notwithstanding, you can still manage to see everything through a helicopter Oahu trips.

A helicopter Oahu trip will let you see everything from the vibrant rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls, phenomenal waterfalls, and the famous volcanic eruptions with ease. Make the most of your excursion by taking a helicopter ride in Oahu.

Tips on Having a Thrilling Helicopter Ride

We go for vacations to have fun and break from routine. Therefore, you deserve the best ride in the world. A helicopter Oahu trip is the best way to reward yourself after a whole year of hard work. Here are tips to enjoy.

1. Your Safety Comes First

In a day time, it is approximated that there are around 5,000 aircrafts in the sky. Therefore, we can confidently say that air travel is quite a safe means of transport. However, don’t be ignorant. When going on a sightseeing adventure, make sure you make a safe choice.

One way of ensuring safety is finding out whether your helicopter is certified as an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. The certification is proof that the aircraft conforms to higher standards compared to general aviation operators.

2. Seating Arrangement

Notably, most helicopters have a capacity of six passengers, two-seat in the front seats and four at the back. In the end, the two people sitting in the middle might not have a direct view of the scenery.

However, some helicopters accommodate four people. Therefore, each of them can get a great view of the surrounding. Your helicopter can either be an A-star or Eco-star type. An eco-star helicopter is more comfortable due to less noise and more window space.

Find out whether your helicopter flies clockwise or anti-clockwise to make an informed decision on the sitting arrangement.

3. Best Prices

As much as you want the best helicopter tours in Oahu, you need to get reasonable prices. Before selecting any tour, research on various helicopter tours in Oahu online. Compare their prices then settle on one that gives you value for your money. Booking online can also get you reasonable discounts.

4. Proper Timing

One day is never enough to exhaust Hawaii. Therefore, you probably have set aside a few days. For the best experience, don’t wait till the last day to take a helicopter ride in Oahu. To get a proper orientation, schedule your trip at least on the first or second day of your tour.

On the timing note, the time of the day matters. Try flying late in the morning or early in the afternoon. That way, the shadows will be limited, giving you a better view.

5. Motion Sickness

You don’t want any barrier to come between you and a good time. Therefore, if you usually experience motion sickness, be sure to take medication before the flight. However, avoid medication that can make you drowsy.

6. What to Bring, and What Not To

To start with, Hawaii has a breeze that can be quite chilly. Therefore, never leave your sweater behind. Wear long pants because of the chilly weather. Leave your expensive jewelry to avoid the risk of losing them amidst the fun.

On the other hand, there are things you don’t have to bring along. For instance, you don’t have to bring along a pair of headphones. You can also leave your luggage behind to tour stress-free.

Since the main agenda is having fun, how about you bring a hair tie? You don’t want hair being blown all over your face while you are trying to get a glance at the fantastic scenery.

Besides having everything required, ensure you put your best foot forward. An adventurous spirit in helicopter Oahu is what you need.

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