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Making Aircraft Interiors Comfortable and Convenient for Customers

Air travel is a big business around the world, and the best way to travel from one nation to another, or to another continent, is often by air. Millions of people take flight every day, and statistics show that air travel is more popular than ever. We have come a long way since the cold, bumpy aircraft of the 1920s and 1930s, and many aircraft passengers expect the utmost luxury and convenience while on board a jet (especially for long flights). One of the longest flights in the world is from New York City to Singapore, lasting 19 hours. For sure, passengers will want some in flight systems (IFE systems) for entertainment and convenience. In flight entertainment technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years, and it ranges from IFE monitors for movie displays to airplane power outlets so that passengers can plug in a laptop, tablet, and other electronic items. Different airlines and their clients may want to visit expos to see the newest products and technology available, and that means attending aircraft interiors expo in Hamburg, Germany and similar locations. At an aircraft interiors expo in Hamburg, for example, American, European, and other airline companies may get new ideas on how to outfit their vehicles for maximum comfort.

Airlines and the Numbers

If an airline rep visits an aircraft interiors expo in Hamburg or other European nations, they may soon see the latest word in in-flight comfort and entertainment for passengers. This is important, since many passengers today report that they prioritize planes that offer such services. Around 41% of airline passengers report in surveys that they like to watch movies during their flight, and 21% read books and another 17% take naps during their flight. Back in 2013, TripAdvisor launched a survey and found that 25% of respondents would choose one flight over another based on WiFi availability, and 37% of passengers intended to bring a tablet or iPad on board. Many passengers like to use their smartphones as well. All this means that an airline might lose some customers if these interests are not met, so their jets may be outfitted with monitors for movies, sockets for electronic goods, and the like. And there’s plenty of passengers out there: on an average day, around eight million people will fly onboard jets, and in 2013, the number of passengers reached an impressive 3.1 billion.

Keeping Jets Up to Industry Standard

In any given industry, even for aircraft entertainment, there are expos where industry leaders may show off their latest innovations and ideas, such as at an aircraft interiors expo in Hamburg, Germany or other advanced regions. Trade shows and expos attract many business customers, who go there to find brand names to form business partnerships with. Surveys show that most trade show attendees are looking for a new supplier for their business, and an aircraft interiors expo in Hamburg may fit the bill. At a company’s exhibit, they may show off a sample of in-flight entertainment hardware, such as a few seats equipped with video monitors, various electrical sockets, and more. The expo may also be a chance to show off the most comfortable seats, exhibiting the most luxurious fabrics and other materials for the seats.

With the airline industry, and indeed any industry, the human element of the expo is important. E-commerce is big, yes, but many buyers want to talk to a person face to face before making a purchase. At a trade show, a customer may visit a booth or exhibit and speak with sales reps there, and have their questions answered clearly and professionally. This is a chance for the booth’s staff to show off their brand and make an excellent impression, through both human interaction and showing off samples of their hardware. A high quality trade show booth may have posters and video screens to catch a buyer’s eye, and the sample hardware and brochures can help provide more information. Some trade show exhibits are in fact quite large, and may fit several buyers inside at once.

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