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Helicopter Tour in Oahu Make It worth Remembering

The oahu helicopter tour is perhaps the most thrilling experience you can ever have. The scenic view from a bird’s-eye view is beyond description. A helicopter tour in Hawaii is a perfect way to see the forests, hidden valleys, beaches, islands, volcanic craters, and cliffs. One of the reasons why Hawaii is a great destination is the diversity of terrain. The views are just phenomenal. Below are some tips to make your tour enjoyable.

Know the sitting position Well In Advance

Most of the time, a helicopter will have six passengers, excluding the pilot. Those in the middle will have a limited view. Some companies only take four passengers, with all getting a direct window view. Stressing to get a good photo will only make your tour less enjoyable. Here is the interesting part. Some companies will offer tours with the windows open. You will not fall as long you are strapped with safety belts. Ensure your camera is intact. You will be exposed to a cool temperature so wear warm clothes. While it can get loud and chilly without doors, you can be assured that this will be an experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the sitting positions in helicopters depend on the company’s arrangement based on weight. However, they will hardly split a couple. Another thing is that most companies fly clockwise over Hawaii. Request the right-side seat if possible. You will have the best views of the island.

Most companies use Eco –start or A-star helicopters. Eco-Star is less noisy, has a large window, and more room. Take a door off on over Oahu and enjoy some of the best views of the islands. Ultimate Oahu helicopter tour and sightseeing adventure is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. The door off helicopters flights Honolulu usually departs from Honolulu International Airport through East Oahu. You will ride through the shimmering beach of Waikiki over Diamond Head crater and head over to Makapuu lighthouse. It then passes through the east coast of the island and around the north shore before returning to the airport.

Right Time to Fly

Typically, the best time for helicopter rides in Oahu is during early afternoon or late morning. You will experience not only brilliant colors but also experience limited shadows. The flights in Kauai are an exception. Afternoons are incredible as the afternoon sun lits up the valleys.

Consider the Safety Record

Choose a company with an excellent safety record. A great choice would be a tour company with FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certifications. Enquire about the safe flying hours of the pilot. Well, this is not the favorite part, but is it good to know. Pay attention during safety lessons, and ask questions.


Ensure you have neck-straps during the flights. Otherwise you may lose your valuable camera if the helicopter banks suddenly. Do not use all the time on the viewfinder. You will miss the best experience. Take photos, but let your eyes get soaked in the world beauty.

Select the Best Island

Ensure that you choose the right island for the best experience. Some of the best islands include Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island of Hawaii.

Compare prices

Some companies offer excellent discounts if you book directly online. Ensure you analyze the prices before booking.

What You Should Bring Along

Before you embark on a oahu helicopter tour, you should prepare adequately. You should carry along the following;

1.A valid Government ID
2.Cameras and phones must be secured using wrist warps. Charge your phone to full power if you are planning on using it to take pictures.
3.Loose articles such as hats and loose jewelry are not allowed.
4.You should wear long pants and jackets because of cold temperatures at high altitudes. During winter, wear gloves, scarf, and carry a blanket.
5.Choose appropriate clothing. The best clothing for helicopter tours during summer is loose-fitting and light-colored due to heat coming from the sun. Also, carry sunglasses and sunscreens.

The oahu helicopter tour is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.Prepare with the tight attires and items to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Lastly,do not bring items such as keys that will interfere with helicopter’s safe operation.Also, don’t forget to tag along your loved ones.

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