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Private Jet Travel Offers a Number of Important Benefits

This is the month that will require some real attention to schedules. A college graduation at the beginning of May, a high school graduation at the end of the month, a family vacation to Greece the first two weeks in June. All of these events have required careful planning and attention to several travel details. The trip to the college graduation requires two one way airline tickets and lots of driving with cars loaded full of everything that can fit in a dorm room. The highs school graduation in town requires no real travel, but some serious party planning. The trip to Greece, of course, involves international air travel as well as a number of different ferry transfers while you are on the islands.
The plans are so varied that your family has actually joked that if you only could afford private jet charter costs the next two months would be a lot easier. In fact, your husband has traveled on private jet charter flights several times during the last two years and he can attest to

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