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3 Most Exciting Things to Do at Summerville Lake

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Summersville Lake is the largest lake in West Virginia, and it’s surrounded by endless mountain ranges and steep rocky cliffs. According to Skin Diver magazine, the lake is characterized by low nutrients value, making it the purest freshwater lake east of Mississippi River.

The lake has an average visibility of 20 to 45 feet with its water temperature ranging from 68 to 80 degrees during the months of June through September respectively. Summersville dam WV marks the deepest part of the lake reaching over 300 feet. The pristine cool waters flowing from the mountains offers world-class water sports activities, such as kayaking, swimming, boating, jet skiing, fishing and whitewater rafting.

While there are plenty of things to do in Summersville WV like visiting some of the prime Summersville WV attractions sites such as Carnifex Ferry Battlefield Park, Kirkwood Winery, Summersville Dam, you can’t leave the city without visiting the lake. Here are some of the interesting things to try out while at the Summersville Lake WV.

1. Scuba Diving
Summersville Lake is one of the two incredible places in West Virginia to enjoy scuba diving. The other one is Mount Storm Lake which is situated in the Allegheny Mountains of northern West Virginia. Sometimes referred as the Bahamas of the East, Summersville Lake is characterized by soaring rocky cliffs, overhangs, rock walls, massive boulders and unbelievable swim-throughs.

Another reason why this lake is ideal for scuba diving is that of its clean and transparent shallow waters. It as a maximum depth of about 327 feet and the water temperature is at a favorable of 68-85 degrees throughout the diving season. There are no diving and parking costs involved, so you have no excuse not to explore the lake’s aquatic life, which includes fish like bass, sunfish, muskie, crappie, walleye and catfish and many more. To explore the deepest and the most popular diving areas, however, you’ll need a boat. There are on-site diving stores to offer where you can either buy or rent the most appropriate diving gears.

2. Rock Climbing
Summersville Lake provides one of the unique and most accessible destinations for rock climbing in West Virginia. Having been formed in the gorge of the Gauley River, it features one of the best sports lines which are characterized by marble-white cliffs that stem 100 feet right out of the water.

When looking for things to do in Summersville WV, rock climbing should top the list as lake offers you nothing but the best rock climbing experience. You can also try deep water soloing though this is considered illegal due to the risks involved. For novice climbers, there are plenty of suitable rock cliffs with easy hand and footholds for easy climbing. There are challenging areas perfect for seasoned climbers.

3. Visit the Lighthouse
A visit to the lighthouse maybe one of the least things to do in Summersville WV, but it surely offers a great experience. Overlooking the state’s largest lake and the Gauley River National Recreational Area, the Summersville Lake Lighthouse offers you spectacular views of West Virginia. The lighthouse is open all year round, and you can even plan an event at the venue. But you should be aware that there are 122 steps to climb to the top in an overly narrow tower. For admissions, the rates are based on age, but there are also special packages for families and large groups.

Perhaps you are not into nature and adventure, Summersville West Virginia tourism has a lot installed for both indoor and outdoor vacationers. They have plenty of nice destinations for individuals, couples, and families, with some of them offering great holiday packages.

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