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Are You Looking Forward to a Weekend Away with Your Family?

College basketball events

It was a weekend to remember!
Your husband had bought tickets for one of the top college basketball events in the area.
You made reservations at one of the fine old hotels in the area.
Although your two teenage daughters are not exactly basketball fans, they are excited about spending the long weekend as a family. They will likely watch a good portion of the game, but they will also likely make visits to the concession stands and tour the venue. They are used to these college sports weekends with their father, and know that the amount of time they spend watching their dad’s favorite sport will come back to them when later in the weekend he spends time shopping with them!
The fact that both of your daughters will be away at college before long is another reason that your husband loves planning these sporting events and taking in some college town fun. He often tries to plan a trip to a school that the girls are at least interested in. For your part, you always get to plan where the family will stay.
As soon as your husband gets the tickets, you begin your search. The whole family enjoys staying at hotels, but lately you have expanded your search to include bed and breakfast locations, as well as some of the fine old hotels. Often labeled as boutique hotels, many of these accommodations allow for the guest to pick a room, not just make a reservation. On one stay you were able to book a room that had a small balcony that overlooked the downtown shopping area. The morning breakfasts on the balcony made for a fine weekend getaway. Your husband enjoyed getting up early and reading his paper outside, and you and the girls enjoyed being so close to the shopping and dining options.
Parents of teenagers often realize that their family time will be limited before long. As a result, more and more families are looking for ways to capture weekends that they can spend time together and relax. Whether it is attending a college sporting event or just a busy weekend in a large college town, these pockets of time create great memories for many families.

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