See More of Charleston with a Private Carriage Ride

Best carriage tours in charleston

Since you’re planning to vacation in Charleston, North Carolina, you may already know about its local history and culture. You may also know that it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and in 2016, it placed first on Travel and Leisure magazine’s “World’s Best Cities” list.

Charleston was founded in 1670, and possesses a fascinating history. Were you aware, for example, that this city is the home of America’s very first museum? In 1773, the Charleston Museum was founded, and it continues to display items of historical and cultural significance as well as educational programs to locals and visitors alike.

Since the weather is so nice in Charleston, with an average temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to take a few private carriage rides while you’re there. Taking horse and buggy rides is a wonderful way to explore the city and learn more about its culture and history. The Atlantic coastline stretches along roughly 90 miles of Charleston, so you can just sit back and enjoy that delightful ocean breeze while riding in a horse drawn carriage.

Taking private carriage tours may also inspire a bit of romance. A recent survey showed that when traveling, 42% of couples shared that they felt more romantic. Since there is so much beautiful scenery in Charleston, don’t be surprised to discover that all of your cares slips away and you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

Just being in new surroundings can uplift the spirits. If you’re traveling with your entire family, you’re probably aware how much happier they are when vacationing. When survey participants were asked how vacations made them feel, 37% of the families said that taking vacations together makes them the most happy. When you and your family enjoy a carriage ride together, it can create so many fond memories.

Whether this is your first vacation in Charleston, or one of your regular, favorite vacation destinations, there is so much for you to see and enjoy. Be sure to take lots of pictures and create a scrapbook. Each time you take carriage rides, you’ll learn something new about Charleston, its people, its culture, and its history.

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