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Oh the Places You Will Go!

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It is difficult to top that first trip, but your college friends have vowed to try.
You know that you are a fortunate group, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it.
The travel challenge began five years ago, when you became the third person in your fraternity group started his own company. The first one in your group that made it big found success in real estate. The second success was in an educational software program that has recently been adopted by more than half of the school district in a 13 state region. You were the third one to reach the big mark of making a name for yourself and a fortune at the same time. The app that you created was immediately a success. A combination travel and reservation app, it was released just in time for several large tourist events in your city.

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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

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Are you currently planning your family summer vacation? Are you tired of going through the long planning process to have someone unhappy? Planning a vacation that will include all destination preferences and activity possibilities for every family member can be difficult. Even if you plan the perfect trip, someone may be disappointed. If you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect vacation that will leave everyone satisfied, remember these planning tips.

Family vacations are all about compromise. Realistically, you cannot visit multiple states or attractions within a couple of days. You may have to limit your destination or attraction attendance to just one or two choices, depending on the length of the trip. Instead of trying to please everyone, attempt t

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Finding the Perfect Lodging Checklist

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Each year, people all over the country will be preparing for a vacation. No matter the reason for your trip, choosing the right place to stay is extremely important. Staying at a hotel that isn’t satisfactory for your party can ruin a perfectly good vacation. Before you book your hotel, be sure to read this list and ensure that your pick meets the following criteria. Here are four important considerations to make when choosing a hotel to stay at.

  1. Scenery – You can find one of the best vacation lodges available but what about the importance of scenery? It’s easy to be lured into online pictures of a hotel. You see how great the rooms look, the front desk section is built wonderfully, but when you arrive somet

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Choosing The Ideal Campground for Your Perfect Getaway

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Choosing the perfect spot for a memorable vacation can be a challenge all on it’s own. The spot where you lay your RV or tent can make the difference between and relaxing and fun-filled trip and a disaster you wish you could forget about. There are a few things to consider when thinking about your next campground.

First and foremost, and perhaps the most obvious, is deciding where you would want to camp. 63% of adults stay within around 150 miles of their home during their camping trips. If you are comfortable going farther, the first thing to do is locate the campgrounds within that radius. The type is important too. If you have an RV, you need to look for an RV campground. If you’re looking

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3 Easy and Fun Family Camping Activities


Are you heading on a family camping trip? Once you have your cabin rentals all figured out and you have parked your RV, it is time for some family bonding. So now it is time to plan out some activities you are going to do while having a good time! Here are some fun ideas to include on your next vacation

A treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are always a good idea! For family members of all ages, this is a great opportunity to get out and exploring the area you are in. All you need to do is take a survey of your campsite — what is there around you that you can do? If you are outside mak

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