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3 Easy and Fun Family Camping Activities


Are you heading on a family camping trip? Once you have your cabin rentals all figured out and you have parked your RV, it is time for some family bonding. So now it is time to plan out some activities you are going to do while having a good time! Here are some fun ideas to include on your next vacation

A treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are always a good idea! For family members of all ages, this is a great opportunity to get out and exploring the area you are in. All you need to do is take a survey of your campsite — what is there around you that you can do? If you are outside make a list of easily found items, then give everyone each list and send out the teams! The first team to come back to the RV gets a prize. Some ideas for items to find include; a unique shaped rock, a purple flower, a branch with three buds, a piece of garbage to recycle, and a picture of animal tracks.

Cook over the campfire

Don’t hike out and find a restaurant during your trip, instead go old school and do all your meals over the campfire. It can be as basic as cooking hotdogs on sticks, hamburgers over a grill, or even do foil packets with potato, cheese, and some type of protein. The options are endless, all you have to do is some prep work before hand to make sure you have all the ingredients before your family gets too hungry!

Nature Walk

Sometimes, the best activity on a vacation is simply being together. You will want to use your vacation to relax to the best of your ability, and to spend some quality time together! All you need to do is go on a nice long walk and experience the outdoors. Leave all the technology behind — including cameras! — and just be outside. You’ll be shocked at what you notice when you’re not connected to technology.

Keep these three tips in mind for the next time you head out to your family camping trip.

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