Oh the Places You Will Go!

Executive private jet

It is difficult to top that first trip, but your college friends have vowed to try.
You know that you are a fortunate group, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it.
The travel challenge began five years ago, when you became the third person in your fraternity group started his own company. The first one in your group that made it big found success in real estate. The second success was in an educational software program that has recently been adopted by more than half of the school district in a 13 state region. You were the third one to reach the big mark of making a name for yourself and a fortune at the same time. The app that you created was immediately a success. A combination travel and reservation app, it was released just in time for several large tourist events in your city. As you watched the downloads go off the charts, you sent a text to your friends and said it was finally time to book the ultimate private jet to that private island that you have always dreamed about.
The trip is pretty excessive, but your group promised each other that you would take it if at least three of you ever reached your biggest goals. To be honest, you expect that at least two more of your friends will join you by the next time you travel, but for that first trip it was just the three of you splitting the expenses of using the ultimate private jet.
The executive private jet charter is the property of your real estate fraternity brother. He loves to tell the story about making the purchase. His company actually has two company planes. When he first made the purchase, the head of operations wanted the planes a little smaller so that they could travel a little faster. He made the case that faster planes would allow the sales team to make faster trips to and from customers. Your friend, the president and owner of the company, however, had the deciding vote and he is also an avid golfer. He insisted that the planes be big enough to hold two foursomes and their golf clubs. Your friend won, of course, and with just three of you traveling on this initial trip you had plenty of room on that first trip.
The three of you hope that by the next time you make plans for travel a few more of your college friends will join this very exclusive club. After all, who wouldn’t see the ultimate private jet as even more motivation to reach the highest of financial goals?

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