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Consider the Benefits of Chartering Executive Private Jets for Corporate Travel

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Workplace productivity is a common topic of discussion. It’s interesting to note that while some employees may be more productive at the office, others may do their best work while traveling on a company aircraft.

In 2009, respondents to a workplace productivity survey stated that they were 20% more productive on a company aircraft than when they were working in their office. While the reasons for this will vary, there are usually fewer distractions while flying on an executive private jet.

The same survey as noted above showed that when flying commercial airlines, business executives experienced a 40% decrease in productivity. In addition to the physical discomfort associated with flying commercial airlines, such as inadequate leg room, there also isn’t sufficient space to work on projects. Internet access may also be sporadic, and passengers are often encouraged not to use their cell phones at different points during the flight.

To improve and/or maintain productivity alone, chartering a private jet makes good business sense. Given the other significant benefits, why book commercial flights when your personnel need to travel for important meetings, trainings, and other corporate events?

In general, business aircraft passengers usually consist of the following personnel:

  • Top management: 22%
  • Other managers: 50%
  • Technical, sales, and/or service staff: 20%

When you charter a private jet, all of your personnel will be in close proximity to each other. This alone can assist with preparing for an important meeting.

When your company charters a Gulfstream private flight, these jets fly higher than commercial jets, which cruise at 35,000 feet. This is beneficial because they don’t need to contend with other air traffic. As a result, the flights tends to be faster.

Approximately 1/3 of all commercial business flights land in secondary airports, and 19% will land in large commercial airports. Private jets, however, are able to utilize a network of over 5,000 American airports. This is in sharp contrast to commercial airlines, which can only use 500 of the nation’s airports.

Recent figures indicate that the United States has a more substantial private jet market than Europe. The United States comprises 49.7% of this market, while Europe comprises 20.8%. Worldwide jet charters are also available, of course. This can be particularly convenient when your company conducts business on a global scale.

If you’re curious about the cost to charter a jet, it will depend on a variety of factors. These include the type of private jet, the number of passengers, the travel points, and other factors. When chartering a weekend trip on a Gulfstream V from New York City to San Francisco, for example, the cost will be $106,711.17.

Given the benefits of chartering an executive private jet as opposed to booking flights on a commercial airline, it makes sense to consider this option for all of your corporate travel needs. An executive private jet will transport you and your staff in greater comfort, with fewer distractions, and in less time.

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