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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

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Are you currently planning your family summer vacation? Are you tired of going through the long planning process to have someone unhappy? Planning a vacation that will include all destination preferences and activity possibilities for every family member can be difficult. Even if you plan the perfect trip, someone may be disappointed. If you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect vacation that will leave everyone satisfied, remember these planning tips.

Family vacations are all about compromise. Realistically, you cannot visit multiple states or attractions within a couple of days. You may have to limit your destination or attraction attendance to just one or two choices, depending on the length of the trip. Instead of trying to please everyone, attempt to find one unique demand or attribute that everyone will be pleased with. Let one child choose the location. Let another choose a specific activity you will engage in. Let your spouse choose your sleeping accommodations. Less important parts of the vacation will have to be compromised. If everyone goes into the planning process with this in mind, it will go much smoother.

Consider entirely different choices
If everyone has a strong say in the type of sleeping accommodations, for example, throw all of the ideas out and start fresh. If your children want to sleep in tents outdoors and your spouse wants to stay in a five star resort, consider booking instead through a bed and breakfast website. A bed and breakfast website can provide you with unique options. You will have the feel of the outdoors, while still having all of the accommodations of the indoors. You can even allow your children to pitch a tent outside of the bed and breakfast.

Plan in grouped days
If you are planning a lengthy vacation, it may be easier to please everyone. Stay in a RV park in the comfort of a recreational vehicle for the first couple of nights. As you move to a waterfront campground marketing site, consider moving the sleeping bags outdoors. That way, everyone gets a couple of nights of their preferred type of camping. Most camping websites allow you to book specific RV lots or campsite locations, allowing you to customize your dates and amount of nights at each location.

Consider an all inclusive campsite
All inclusive campsites are great at meeting multiple family members vacationing needs. Renting a cabin for a week is perfect for the camping vibe, yet, still allows you to move outdoors, if desired. You are likely to have access to local clubhouses and campsite pools. Always look at a campsite layout design ahead of time, especially if you will be staying for an extended period of time. Your children may not care that they are sleeping indoors as long as the cabin is right next to the campsite pool. Also, most all inclusive campsites have multiple activities available, finding something for everyone.

Explore websites together
You are also likely to find that the more everyone in your family is involved in the planning process, the more they are willing to enjoy it. When you plan the vacation as a family, everyone gets a say in the sleeping accommodations and specific attractions that are visited. Find information about campsites and resorts through the bed and breakfast website or through a local travel planner. Most campsite and bed and breakfast websites also let you see photos and read reviews of previous visitors, making the planning even easier.

Family vacations should be fun and relaxing. They should be a time when family members can forget about the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and reconnect as a family. Yet, many families struggle with planning a vacation that everyone will enjoy. When planning the perfect family vacation this year, remember to compromise, attempt to include at least one desired activity of every family member, consider all inclusive resorts, plan varying vacations, and plan the vacation together, as a family.

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