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What You Should Know About Commerical Fueling

A lot of people have probably heard that line from the song “leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.” Have you ever wondered about the amount of fuel required to do that?

Comercial fuel services are not the same as to what people would think in comparing to how they fill up their cars. This video gives you a look at different techniques airlines may use in fueling aircraft for long flights as well as short ones.

It goes on to explain the cost and amount of fuel needed for certain flights to give the viewer an idea of how much that plane they are sitting on burns and what it costs the airline. While airlines differ in the amount they will put in the tank, it is still rare for them to fill it completely up.

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Taking a step further, the video explains why an aircraft may burn less there for costing the company less for commercial fuel services. The content of the video gives the viewer basic insight into problems aviation scientists are probably working to improve at this moment. For more content, like and subscribe!


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