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5 Tips for Moving Out of an Apartment

tips for moving out of an apartment

You have worked hard and are finally able to move into a better community. It is not that your old neighborhood is so bad. You just want to expand your horizons. But how do you make a smooth transition without having to hire water damage cleanup experts for unruly landlords who are looking to punish you for moving on? You have read many tips for moving out of an apartment, but few people address this reality.

When moving out of an apartment, especially one with a critical property owner, it is important to plan ahead. In fact, one of the best tips for moving out of an apartment is to tie up loose ends at your old apartment days before loading the truck to move into your new place. Here are five other tips for moving out of an apartment that may help you on your journey.

Search For Local Moving Companies

The first pointer among tips for moving out of an apartment is to search for local moving companies. You cannot move to your new residence without having transportation. Some movers have friends and family to help transport items from their old place to the new home or apartment. Others must fully rely on professional moving services to help.

Local moving companies that have roots in the community may be the best way to save money when you are relocating on a budget. You may especially benefit from such a tactic if you are not moving far from your old apartment.

Of course, you should not go with the first local moving company you find on the Internet. Even those that receive good ratings on Yelp and other social media review sites should be thoroughly investigated before you trust them with your items.

The best local moving companies have good reputations within the community. You should be able to find someone in your neighborhood who can attest to the professionalism of the business you hope to employ.

You should also make certain the moving company is licensed and insured. While it is clear that you want your items to get to your new house in tip-top shape, it is also a fact that accidents happen. A moving company that is licensed and insured will be able to pay for damages they cause so you can avoid the pitfall of having to pay to replace broken pockets out-of-pocket.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great source when you want to get a better understanding of the potential moving company’s track record. Reports from consumers point to negligence and tardiness may be signs of a bigger problem. You ideally want to go with a company that provides excellent service more times than not.

In terms of prices, it is always a good idea to shop around. Many consumers pay much more in moving costs because they settle with the first estimate they receive. There is no unwritten rule that prohibits you from gathering several pricing schemes from local moving companies and going with the business that best fits your budget. In fact, you could find yourself in a better position to negotiate with the company you desire to hire if you have quotes from other businesses that offer more for less.

Hire Pest Control Services

Hiring pest control services is not always counted among the tips for moving out of an apartment. Some consider the landlord responsible for ridding the apartment of roaches, ants, spiders, and bed bugs.

It is indeed the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the property when it comes to roaches and spiders. You, however, may be responsible for additional costs if you brought bed bugs to the building.

A bed bug is a small insect that thrives around beds, sofas, and other furniture meant for relaxation. The pest survives by sucking blood from its prey and multiplies rather quickly.

Some compare bed bugs to roaches because of their ability to infest an apartment in a matter of weeks. You may find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty bill if the landlord must hire bed bug control service to treat your apartment once you have vacated the residence. Even more, charges may ensue if the unit came with carpet that must be replaced because of a bad infestation.

You are not generally required to hire pest control services as a renter. It may not be a bad idea, however, to pay for a professional to spray the facility after you move your items out of the unit.

The best pest control specialists have remedies for everything from roaches to rodents. They do not use products that you can find at your local hardware store but, instead, have chemicals that work quickly and efficiently.

You may not want to find a pest control specialist who uses significantly toxic chemicals if you have pets or children. Such is especially true if the exterminator comes days before all of your items are moved from the unit. Significantly harsh chemicals have a way of staying with furniture. Finding eco-friendly pest control specialists is the better option.

Do A Thorough Cleaning

Doing a thorough cleaning is among the top tips for moving out of an apartment. A landlord technically has the right to withhold a portion of your security deposit if you fail to at least dust and sweep before giving him, or her, the keys to the empty space.

When cleaning, you should aim to use products that are friendly to the environment yet effective in clearing dirt. Some renters use ammonia or bleach because of their ability to quickly purify a room of germs. You should, however, be aware of the properties present in these chemicals and, perhaps, mix them with less harsh cleaning agents.

You should never combine ammonia and bleach! Such a mixture creates a bomb that could cause health problems as well as explosions.

Most cleaning experts suggest purifying from top to bottom. Starting with ceiling fans, if any, allows you to clear dust without having to go back over certain areas.

You should not limit your cleaning to the basics when you are moving out of your apartment. It is also necessary to address issues that you have adjusted your life to while residing in the unit.

A clogged sink, for instance, may be viewed as a form of neglect. It is best to seek sewer and drain cleaning agents to solve the problem rather than let your former landlord discover the issue on his, or her, own.

You should also invest in a garbage hauling service along with furniture refinishing services while giving your old apartment a thorough cleaning. Garbage hauling services keep you from traveling with items you no longer want or need. A furniture refinishing company can help revive the items you wish to keep, so they match the fresh vibes that come with moving into a new place.

Some choose to bypass the notion of refining furniture when reviewing tips for moving out of an apartment. You should not overlook the notion of renovating your sofa and other sentimental pieces, though.

Moving comes with significant expenses that do not always make it possible to buy new furniture. Refining some of your best pieces, however, could provide the new atmosphere you want to establish without presenting a bill you may not be able to afford after a big move.

You especially may want to consider refining furniture if you are moving from an apartment to a new home. The mortgage along with other bills will create a small margin for lavish spending for at least two years.

Choosing to be strategic about how you spend your money is the best way to avoid the pitfall of over-exertion, which usually comes to individuals who overlook money-saving tips for moving out of an apartment.

Make Necessary Repairs

Along the lines of saving money comes the notion of making necessary repairs as one of the tips for moving out of an apartment. You should not let your landlord inspect an apartment with holes in the walls and broken tile. Even broken appliances can be considered costly if your landlord discovers them after you have moved.

The law not only grants property owners to keep security deposits for damaged property, but a landlord may also charge you for the excess amount he spends to get the apartment back in shape if you leave the unit in shambles. It is no secret that a property owner looks out for his investments and is, thus, more likely to hire the most expensive repairman to fix your old apartment.

You can avoid the potential for costly repairs by hiring an appliance repair company to fix the broken stove and refrigerator that came with your unit. While it is not guaranteed that a repairman hired by you will provide the cheapest rates, you have more control when you choose.

As with the moving company you select, you can shop around for repairmen and compare estimates. It may also be in your best interest to inform potential repairmen when you have found another company willing to do the same work at a cheaper price. Such knowledge sometimes works in your favor as companies do not like to be outbid by the competition.

You should also invest in property damage restoration to repair broken lights and holes in the walls. The best restoration companies offer cleaning services as well that may be able to offer a more thorough cleaning than you wiping down the walls with bleach.

Critical landlords sometimes charge cleaning fees to those former tenants who leave stains that are difficult to remove. The charges remain on your bill regardless of whether the property owner has a solution to remove the stain in a matter of minutes or if he hires a professional to purify the place.

It is better for you to hire a property damage restoration company that shows you where your investment is going. You can also keep receipts from professional restoration companies as proof of your efforts to ensure the unit was left in tip-top shape.

Some landlords charge fees as a way of getting extra money after a tenant has moved. Your evidence of care, along with pictures of the finished product, can protect you from falling prey to such unethical practices.

Plan To Move Out Ahead Of Time

Some individuals do not have the luxury of moving out of their apartments on a thoroughly planned schedule. These renters are typically pressed for time and must move within a matter of days while also working a full schedule on their jobs.

Landlords love instances in which you must work up to the day of your big move. It is then that they find ways to attach extra charges, such as pool cleaning services for the community pool, to your bill.

It is best, then, to thoroughly plan your move so that you are not pressed for time in the end. Some renters take a week off for work to solely focus on the transition from one residence to the next. Others take at least two days off from work to tie up the loose ends.

How much time you may need to devote to moving is dependent on a number of factors. First, you need to consider where you are moving.

You may not need as much time to devote to the final logistics of moving if you are relocating to an apartment or home that is around the corner from your old place. You can likely do a final walk-through in your new residence while on your lunch break.

More time off from work may be required if you are moving across town or out of state. Those moving across town with kids need to coordinate new schools for the children. It may also be necessary to find new grocery stores nearby, so you are not significantly inconvenienced when you begin to settle into your new place.

Moving out of the state is another factor entirely as your job unless you work from home, is likely to change as well. Even those who move to another state because of work need time to determine their new morning routine. Finding schools and other activities for the kids also becomes more complicated when you relocate to another state.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Ideally speaking, it is a good idea to take at least two weeks off from work and settle into your new place at least one week in advance when you are moving out of the state. Such an unwritten rule may also be useful when you are moving around the corner.

Moving from one residence to the next represents the possibility of new horizons. You want to make certain that the past is settled, however, before starting something new. These tips for moving out of an apartment can help make the transition a bit easier.

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