Delta Airlines Adding Seatback Entertainment

Flying is a popular form of travel for many people. One study found that nearly 8 million people fly each day. While flying, many passengers want something to keep them entertained. In fact, statistics show that 41% of those flying on airlines prefer to watch movies. Considering that, a major airline company recently made major improvements to their in flight video capabilities.

Delta Airlines Adds Seatback Entertainment Systems

In flight entertainment technology is certainly becoming popular in the aviation world. It’s understandable that more people are expecting certain amenities from home while flying. One of these amenities is having in flight entertainment to enjoy. However, the days of having large projection systems in aircraft are quickly coming to an end.

Delta recently got to enjoy quite a celebration. This company recently installed seatback entertainment systems on their 600th aircraft. According to the company, this now means that Delta has more seatback systems than any other airline in the world. Statistics from eDreams reviews found that Emirates scored a 4.48 out of five regarding in flight entertainment. It appears that Delta might soon be a contender for this title.

JetBlue Also Making Big Changes

As Delta begins making these changes, other companies are beginning to notice. In flight entertainment providers are also working closely with JetBlue. In early 2018, this company began to focus on keeping customers connected to their devices while flying. These upgrades include in flight entertainment systems and free wireless internet. In addition, this company recently worked with in seat USB power manufacturers. This allows customers to now utilize USB charging ports for their mobile devices, a major perk for consumers.

What This All Means for the Competition

Considering that Delta and JetBlue are making these improvements, it’s wise for other airlines to think about these changes. In fact, statistics from an APEX Global Passenger Survey found that 70% of those who fly prefer seatback screens over other types of entertainment systems.

These recent developments show that many airlines are working with in flight entertainment providers. In turn, this allows passengers to remain entertained while flying. Also, USB charging ports have become extremely popular. Therefore, many airlines are ensuring that their aircraft seats utilize some type of USB charging system.

In conclusion, major airlines have recently announced major improvements to their respective entertainment offerings. This continues to be a major area of importance for many airlines. If you’re wanting to offer customers something new, consider contacting in flight entertainment providers. You’ll find that in flight entertainment companies regularly help airlines set up the system they’re needing.

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