Camping is Good for the Soul

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Everyone needs an escape. Sometimes it’s a mental break, sometimes it’s a physical break, or sometimes it’s an emotional break. Despite out advances in technology — and how completely addicted to it we might be — Americans are getting outside more often than ever before. Those breaks are needed, and Americans are taking them.

“Camping” means different things to different people. Some people think of camp resorts, where countless groups rent a spot to pitch their tent while others do the same nearby. Some people think of tent camping in the woods, completely alone. Some people think of hopping in an RV and driving to the middle of nowhere. Whatever your definition, camping is popular.

According to The American Camper Report, about 14% of Americans went camping in 2013 — that’s about 40 million people. The majority of these people seem to have been on camping trips and were likely either staying in camp resorts or public campgrounds. The distinction is mainly in the camping amenities. Camp resorts offer a few more modern conveniences than public campgrounds, as they exist to make money instead of being a public service. In fact, about 70% of all camping trips are taken in public campgrounds.

The Family Camping Trip

It sounds silly, but campers like to camp. Among campers, about 85% of them were introduce to camping before turning 15 years old. This means that families who like to camp really just get out and camp. Whether these trips are at camp resorts, public campgrounds, or in the backyard, they’re happening. And once someone starts camping, they don’t seem to stop. The American Camper Report stated that 99% of campers said they were either “likely” or “very likely” to go camping again within the next year.

And why shouldn’t they? Family camping trips are among the most popular types of vacation in the United States. In total, over 500 million vacation days were spent camping in 2011 alone. Furthermore, since we know that being outdoors is good for the human body and mind — Asian doctors are quite literally prescribing “time in nature” to patients with depression symptoms — it only serves to show that camping is helpful. Almost 90% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities: Hiking, swimming, playing games, and many others are all just part of the camping experience.

Overall, camping has earned its place in the world of family vacations. It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s communal, and it offers countless activities for both children and adults.

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