Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be Camping

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Despite attracting around 40 million Americans each year, camping vacations never seem to be as high of a priority for modern families as city or attraction-based vacations do. However, as camp resorts become more sophisticated, and technology becomes more inundated in our society, there has never been a better time to take advantage of what your local camping sites have to offer.

You would be hard-pressed to find individuals who don’t agree we all need a break from our screens as more and more of our lives depend and/or revolve around them. We wake up to check one for emails, we sit in front of one all day at work, we go home to watch one to relax, and our kids use one to stay entertained. The strain this causes on our eyes and the damage it does to our attention spans is significant, significant enough to require a remedy. Perhaps, a yearly one.

Taking yearly camping vacations is one of the ways American families can combat the pressures of today’s fast-paced life and reconnect with their children and the beautiful country we live in. The simplicity of life camping in the outdoors seems to reset our minds and soothe our souls, grounding us and bringing us back to a reality considerably less hassle free. Camping vacations encourage physical activity, which families can engage in together to bond and get their blood flowing. If you find campgrounds near a lake, opportunities open up for boating, water sports like waterskiing, tubing, and kneeboarding, and swimming. Many modern camp resorts include campgrounds with a pool, paths for hiking or biking, and others have tennis and basketball courts, and rivers and streams to fish or raft in.

There are thousands of tent camping opportunities around the United States, thus not requiring a huge time commitment for travel if that is something you consider a deal breaker for vacation options. Each state has something to offer, and it truly is overwhelming how beautiful our country truly is. Whether you want to experience camping in the shade or camping near a lake, you’ll be amazed at how rested and inspired you’ll feel.

We can all benefit from taking some time out, cutting ourselves off from distractions, going off the grid, and simply enjoying life. Tent camping vacations truly can help rejuvenate you and your family, and you will definitely notice the benefit of quality time together and the impact of the fresh air on your family for weeks to come.

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