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Five Benefits of Private Jet Charters for Businesses

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Every business owner wants to accomplish more in less time. Traveling by commercial airline is notoriously known for its headaches. One notable pain is having to wait for hours on end in long lines. This time could be better spent handling work related matters. Many business owners prefer using a private jet charter for business related travel. In this post, you will learn the benefits of using a private jet charter for business purposes.

  • Increased Productivity: Research shows that it is extremely hard to focus during a commercial flight. Data collected in 2009 found that employees experienced a 40 percent drop in feelings of productivity. Using private jets for business travel allows staff to communicate openly without unrelated parties being involved. Workers on a company aircraft, as opposed to the office or a commercial airline, are 20 percent more productive.
  • Faster Trip Times: Private jets are well known for their fast travel speeds. Commercial aircraft typically flies at around 35,000 feet in the air. A private jet flies at a much lower speed which ensures no one has to worry about crowded air traffic levels. Another benefit of private jet travel is the wider range of airports. You might think commercial aircraft would have more landing options. However, private jets have a range of over 5,000 airports to use in America while commercial airlines only have 550. Having access to more airports helps to ensure more precise stops are made.
  • Not Having to Worry About Heightened Security: One problematic part of any commercial flight is dealing with the multiple security stops. Of course, the hard work of these people is valued and appreciated. Using a private jet charter for business travels allows you and your guests the freedom from monotonous security stops. New regulations and rules sometimes make it hard for people to know what is allowed and what isn’t. A private jet ensures you and your trusted guests can board their flight in a timely manner.
  • Great for Multiple Trips: The advantage of using a private jet is not being sidelined during multiple stops. Traveling by commercial airline is often hectic because they control where flights go. Therefore, you could find yourself traveling through three random cities to reach your destination. The more places you need to be, the more random stops you are likely to end up making. Using a private jet charter lets you have access to less congested airways. In turn, business owners can handle multiple trips in a much faster amount of time than through commercial air travel.
  • Comfort and Luxury for Each Passenger: While we have covered the hassles of commercial travel before boarding you still need to worry about the flight. In many cases, a business doesn’t want to discuss private matters with a crowd of hundreds of others around. Commercial flights will give business people tickets that tell them where to sit. A long flight could be a giant time sink when all parties aren’t sitting remotely close to each other. Private jets allow passengers to sit in a comfortable and quiet environment.
  • In closing, there are many benefits to choosing a private charter jet for business travel. Many studies show that workers don’t feel productive on commercial flights. These types of flights are known for long waiting times, many security checkpoints, and other hassles. Private jet travel lets you and your guests travel in luxury and comfort, without the many stops and check ins. In addition, private jets have access to many more airports than commercial options, making multiple stops a breeze.

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