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Making Arrangements for Your Upcoming Student Trip

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As the school year draws to an end, many schools are in the process of planning their end of year outing. An end of year outing is usually an activity or trip that is planned as students transition out of one school and into another. It is most common among 8th and 12th graders. It can be tricky deciding what type of trip to plan and what the destination will be. You also have to plan for transportation, chaperones, and length of stay. The following end of year trips are all exciting ideas that your students are sure to enjoy.

Museum outing

Museum outings are perfect for elementary and middle school aged trips. They are a final educational lesson, with a twist of entertainment. Children can take in the facts of the local museum, while also spending the day with their friends. Arrange a lunch in the middle of the day, as well as a trip to the museum souvenir store. The museum trip can even be anticipated by including lessons about the specific planned museum, leading up to the trip. Then, arrange a scavenger hunt or trivia with fun prizes to interact the children even more.

There are usually museums within driving distance to every school. This makes for an easy and low cost trip. Charted buses make for easy transportation. Children can spend time with one another and chaperones can focus on the children, rather than driving. Motor coaches are currently an extremely popular mode of travel. They account for 751,000,000 passenger trips taken annually, with a large percentage of them being students. In fact, students and seniors accounted for 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motor coach industry in 2012.

Sporting event trips

Sporting teams bring communities together. A sporting team outing can be especially entertaining for the end of year trip for an athletics group. For example, taking the school?s football team to a city football game will be well appreciated. However, even students that are not involved in sports teams tend to also enjoy sporting event trips. Chartered buses are perfect for sporting event trips. Sporting events can get very busy, making it difficult and expensive to park. If the funds are available, renting a box at a local game can be very fun.

College tour trips

This type of a trip is beneficial mostly for current high school students. High school students are often encouraged to make a college choice, before ever even visiting local colleges. Arranging end of year college trips can be beneficial, as well as entertaining. It allows the students to see a different side of the campus, different than what they would have seen on a trip with their parents. Many college campuses will even allow the high school students to stay in the dorms.

It is best to arrange some type of transportation to and from the college campus, especially if the trip will involve an overnight stay. Chartered buses for rent is a great form of travel for these trips. Motor coaches currently account for 751 million passenger trips annually, moving more people in some years than commercial airlines do. The cost is extremely affordable, making bus charters very common among students and young adults.

How to charter a bus

Charter bus tours are one of the most preferred student strip transportation modes. They are affordable, convenient, and have many desirable charter bus amenities. Chartered buses often come with ample seating, bathroom facilities, and plenty of storage space. They also take the distraction of driving out of student trips, which can be dangerous, if the teens are responsible for transporting one another in large groups.

The month of May is a popular time for school outings. There are many options available when it comes to planning the best school trip. You can take your students to a local museum, local sporting game, or arrange a college campus tour trip. Chartered buses are one of the easiest forms of travel and can be an important part in planning a successful student outing.

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