Reasons To Travel By Charter Bus

Chartering a bus

Today, charter bus trips are enjoying a renewed popularity. According to the American bus Association, coach bus transportation was the fastest growing form of travel in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012, with over 750 million passenger trips annually. Whether a group is traveling for business or recreation, chartering a bus is a great idea, and it seems that people of all ages are realizing this. Since 2012, students and senior citizens accounted for over half of passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry, with adults and young adults making up the other half. Students embarking on a long-term camping trip, seniors taking to the road to see sights they haven’t seen before; the beauty of the American landscape alone is reason enough to grab a group and charter a bus. However, there are several more practical benefits of bus travel.
It’s Easy
With charter bus travel, the entire trip becomes easier. First, there is no need to worry about navigating and following directions, or parking issues. All of that is taken care of by the bus companies. Along with leaving the driving to someone else, you can travel comfortably on a bus. Charter bus amenities include comfortable seats with plenty of leg room, bathrooms, DVD players, and climate control travel. Some charter buses also have wifi access. The ease of bus travel has improved over the years, and is almost luxurious in its comforts.
It’s Green
With updated technologies and machine engineering, charter bus companies are improving the fuel efficiency, emissions levels, and general sustainability of travel. Traveling by motorcoach helps reduce carbon footprint and increase air quality. Consider this: an average bus can replace approximately 35 cars; that’s a higher efficiency than any other type of travel, including electric hybrid vehicles. In addition, buses are more efficient in reducing CO2 output than either commuter rail or transit buses. Getting over 200 passenger miles per gallon (MPG) of fuel, compared to the 27 MPG that most personal automobiles achieve.
It’s More Fun
A charter bus keeps the group together. Whether it’s a family reunion, a student field experience, a mobile conference room, or a trip to the casinos, chartering a bus means everyone leaves and arrives together. It also provides more quality time for personal interactions during travel. And since everyone is comfortable and relaxed, the time spent on the road can be fun, filled with games, songs, laughter and conversation.
When choosing a charter bus company, ask how the price of the trip is determined, as well as additional costs such as tolls and any permits needed. Also, remember to consider accessibility, especially if wheelchair accommodations are necessary. Depending on the needs of your trip, there are several different types of buses, from a mini bus, to a tour bus, to a deluxe motorcoach. No matter the reason for your trip, traveling by charter bus will bring ease and comfort, cost savings, reduced stress, and more fun.

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