7 Must-See Attractions of the Finger Lakes Region

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In the Fingerlakes region, finding a wedding venue isn’t the hard part, it’s choosing one. This gorgeous area is teeming with lovely lakefront restaurants and hotels Finger Lakes NY visitors love.

When you’re in town checking out all of the amazing Rochester NY wedding venues, event venues, and lakefront restaurants, why not stop by the following spots to see everything Rochester NY has to offer?

The Top Seven Things to Do in the Finger Lakes Region

  1. Corning Museum of Glass

    With live glassmaking demonstrations, hands-on exhibits, and stunning art collections, the Corning Museum of Glass is a must-see for any art lover.
  2. Finger Lakes Wine Country

    Discover the natural beauty and rich history of the Finger Lakes Wine Country. Swim in the lake, hike around the waterfalls, and taste some of the country?s best wine.
  3. The George Eastman Museum

    Learn all about the evolution of photography on the estate of George Eastman, the pioneer of modern photography and motion picture film. Explore one of the world?s oldest film archives and photography museums.
  4. Women?s Rights National Historical Park

    See for yourself where the first Women?s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls in 1848. Learn about the progress our foremothers made so that women today could have the right to vote.
  5. The Strong National Museum of Play

    If you?ve got the kids in tow, take them to the Strong Museum, a highly interactive museum dedicated to the history of play and the practice of exploration. Not only does it offer games and activities for kids, but it also houses the world?s largest collection of historical toys and materials related to play.
  6. Mount Hope Cemetery

    Mount Hope is the country?s first municipal Victorian Cemetery and it serves as the final resting place for several well-known historical individuals, including Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.
  7. Highland Park

    If you are visiting Rochester in the springtime, stop by Highland Park for the annual Lilac Festival to see the flowers in bloom and enjoy a concert or two.

There is a lot more to do both in the City of Rochester and in the surrounding Finger Lakes area.
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