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Why Florida is a Great Vacation Destination for All

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Summer time is finally here. That means warmer weather and vacation time. It means that your children are out of school and waiting to be entertained. The summer is a popular time for vacations because of the open availabilities in everyone?s schedules. It can be difficult to plan a family vacation that caters to all preferences and likes of each family member. However, some vacation destinations provide a variety of activities and amenities for all types of family members. A great vacation destination is that of the state of Florida. Florida offers a unique and exciting vacation destination for a variety of reasons.

Wherever you go in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from the beach. The beach and the ocean are usually an exciting destination for many members of the family. The ocean is so large and provides so many activities that everyone can usually find something exciting about it. Many beaches along the coast of Florida provide tourists with the ability to rent jet skis, kayaks and even paddle boards to allow them to fully enjoy the Oceanside. The beach allows families to lay on the warm sand and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, also providing ample amounts of sand for creating wonderful sandcastles and searching for seashells. An ocean resort allows families to enjoy poolside views and hot tubs, all while looking at the views of the ocean.

Additionally, a seaside resort may also provide dining and musical entertainment along with the views of the ocean. Guests can enjoy live music and eat their meals, all with the views of the beautiful ocean behind them. Some guests even request that their hotel room also provide them with either views or a balcony availability that is directly located with a view of the ocean coastline. Florida has over 1,300 miles of coastlines, 663 miles of beaches and more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways, making ocean views and water sports a very common activity amongst Florida tourists and residents.

Some beach fronts may also offer shows and maybe even an air show to their guests. An air show may include hot air balloons or naval air carriers. The air show is often quite popular amongst both tourists and guests alike. In fact, many residents of the state of Florida will drive a long distance to view a famous and popular air show on the ocean.

There are other types of lodging available for those who are not interested in staying directly on the ocean. Those guests visiting Florida may also choose to camp on a campground, simply enjoying many of Florida?s inland lakes and streams. They can participate in activities such as fishing and swimming. A family who prefers the camping route may choose to rent a cabin or to bring their own tent for lodging purposes. The type of lodging accommodation will depend on the preferences of the family and on their plans for the vacation and the activities that they will participate in while there.

87% of families plan to vacation in 2015, which is up 5% from 2010. The state of Florida is a great vacation destination because of the close proximity to many states. It is also great because of all of the activities that it offers. Tourists can participate in shopping, museums and sightseeing, swimming and ocean activities and dining and live music.

With summer finally here, many families are planning their summer vacations. Florida offers many exciting opportunities for family members of all types and preferences. Those who enjoy the ocean can choose to stay in an Oceanside resort, enjoying the views and the many activities of the ocean. Others can choose to stay on a campground, enjoying the other, more rustic parts of Florida. Either way, Florida offers many fun activities for all types of family members.

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