Top Foods to Eat in Paris

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Paris, the city of lights, the city of romance, and the city of food. Yes, food.

Who doesn’t dream of French food? Here are some top French foods you are not to miss during your next vacation in Paris. Whether you eat them in a bakery, a fine dining restaurant, or in your luxury accommodations in Paris, it doesn’t matter.

Consume them all!

Croque Monsieur

This simple sandwich was the start of fast food in France, and is not to be missed during any French vacation. Simply put, it is a fried ham sandwich with a little bit of mustard, coated with melty, gooey cheese. But as per true French fashion, it is not an ordinary ham and cheese that any American would be used to. It full of tasty spices and beautiful buttery deliciousness that will put any American fast food to shame.

Croque Madame

Take a Croque Monsieur, add two fried eggs to the top and you’ve got yourself a Croque Madame. True Parisians eat it with a fork and knife though, so be cautious as it can be incredibly messy.


You may be questioning why bread is on the list, but it is a staple for any French person for a reason. There is just something about the perfectly crusty loaf with a soft center that will make you want to eat an entire one. Grab a wheel of cheese, and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch.

Pain au Chocolat and Croissants

No breakfast in France is complete without these light, flaky pastries. Typically only a euro each, you’ll be able to stock up to each during the whole day. If you need some extra caffeine, grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and dip your pastries into it like a true Frenchman.

Chocolate and Caramels

There is no shortage of great confectionery delights in Paris. French chocolatiers take their craft very seriously, and you will recognize that the first time you try a truffle or a bonbon. Don’t forget the mouthwatering caramels, decadent chocolate bars, or nougats.

Now you have figured out what to eat, it is important to figure out where to stay. There are many luxury accommodations in Paris to choose from, complete with concierge Paris services if you so choose. Luxury Paris apartment rentals will be the perfect place to end your long day of feasting around the city. After all, with luxury Paris rentals and chocolate what else could you ask for?

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