Why Camping is Still Considered Cool

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Do you want to take a family vacation that you’ll still be talking about for years to come? Or are you looking to start a family tradition that will endure for years? Why not look into family camping trips. Although the teenagers may groan, family camping trips are a useful and beautiful way to spend time together as a family, enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer. For families who aren’t super keen on going the tent camping route, cabin camping can be a way to camp in a bit more comfort! Usually there are plenty of other things to explore when camping — scenic parks or trails, stunning vistas, or some other local attraction. It’s a more rustic way to spend a vacation, but you may be starting a tradition that will extend far past the one summer.
If Your Kids Are Whining About Camping Not Being “Cool” Anymore…
You can spout off some of these facts to prove them wrong! Over 40 million Americans went camping in 2013 — that’s about 15% of the whole United States population who is over the age of 6! Camping is addicting too — 99% of people who went camping said they were likely (or even very likely) to come back and do it again the following year! In 2010, over 500 million camping trips happened all across the United States and campers turn out to be pretty hardcore — at least two thirds said they were planning at least 3 camping trips that year. Although you may not have the vacation time for that, it’s proof that camping is an enjoyable activity.
Additionally, in public campgrounds there are usually other families around doing family camping trips, so it’s likely that your kids will be in the company of people their own age. More proof that your family is not the only uncool family around. Who knows? They may even be able to make some new friends. Plus, camping is a great family bonding activity — and believe it or not, your teenager does secretly want to spend some time with you. Almost 15% of campers who were adults cited spending more time with their families as a reason for going camping in the first place. Your kids will also get to try new and different outdoor activities that they might not have done before — hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, rope climbing, backpacking, swimming, and much more, depending on the campground and the area you choose.
If Your Family Isn’t Too Keen On Sleeping Outside…
Cabin camping saves the day! You can assure them there will be no damp or soggy tents and that wild animals won’t come sniffing around. And as long as everyone keeps the doors shut, bug bites may also be kept to a minimum. Although they’re missing out on a useful life skill — setting up and breaking down a tent — it’s sometimes the more practical route. Plus, some cabins come equipped with electricity, the basic kitchen appliances, and even air conditioning.
If You Want to Keep Your Summer Budget on the Light Side…
Camping is 100% the way to go. You can have your pick of views, temperature, comfort, and entertainment for way less than renting a hotel. Camping near a lake, for example, will certainly be cheaper than renting a beach house, but has the same soothing and wonderful effect. You can experience nature in one of its purest forms and teach your children to appreciate its beauty as well. There are usually a wide variety of things to see, do, and places to shop near a campground as well, for those who still want to get a little commercial fun in their family vacation too.
Consider family camping trips this year for a low-budget and versatile family trip no one is sure to forget. Walking on the wild side has never been so fun and who knows? You may start a family tradition that will persist for years. There are always things to see and do on a camping trip, so get the cameras ready for all the memories about to be made!

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