Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus

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People rent charter buses for many reasons today. For example, groups of friends will rent buses out for a fun night on the town. Companies rent them for sightseeing excursions for their staff to take then on a company retreat. From sending a group our for dinner and to catch a Broadway show and then get dinner or to make sure all of the bachelor party friends make it safety everywhere, a charter bus can be rented for nearly any occasion.

Reasons to Consider Charter Bus Rentals:

You can make sure everyone gets to each stop on time. If you rent a bus to take your friends and family out to tour NYC, your night may not go as well if not everyone makes it to the Broadway show. When you rent a charter bus, everyone will make it to each stop at the same time. Your party will not have to find parking or ask for directions. All your group needs to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

A charter bus rental can keep everyone on schedule. When you plan a trip for a group of people, it can be hard to keep everyone to follow a schedule and stay on time. This problem only gets worse when people are resonsible for their own transportation. If you have a large groups, at least one person in your party will get lost. By renting a charter bus, no one has to look at directions. They can all arrive at one place and leave the driving to the expert.

Everyone in your group can see all the sights together. If you want to bring your whole family along on a fun trip to a new city, you can talk to a charter bus company about renting a bus to tour the city. You and your friends and family can see all of the top sightseeing spots together. Rather than sticking to a schedule imposed on your group by someone else, your group can dictate how long you want to spend at the various stops along the way. If the city you visit is Washignton, DC, you can have the bus company drive you around to see the monuments at night when they look amazing lit up.

A bus rental can make sure everyone gets to each spot safely. If you are renting a bus for a bachelor, bachelorette or birthday party, putting everyone on a bus to do bar hopping can prevent anyone from driving while under the influence. Say your special day involves facials, followed by happy hour and then a Broadway show, hiring a bus to tour the city can help you make sure everyone in your party makes it to the Broadway show.

Spend less money getting all your employees to the airport on time. If your company has an annual retreat somewhere or if you are all going to a conference in another city, renting a shuttle to the airport for everyone can save a lot of time and stress. If everyone you send to a work conference will end up filing expense reports for the cab rides to and from the airport. renting an airport shuttle will save you a decent amount of money. It is cheaper to hire shuttle buses than to pay for many individual taxi trips to the airport.

Renting a charter bus is better for the environment. Each car on the road today drives about 12,500 miles each year. If those miles were driven by a motor coach, you would reduce carbon emissions by 4.3 tons. Motor coaches are some of the most energy efficient vehicles on the road today. Out of all vehicles on the road, motor coaches produce the least amount of carbon dioxide and are six times as energy efficient than a car with only one person in it.

When you tour a new city from a charter bus, you can sit back and really enjoy the sights. This is not something you can do if you are doing all if the driving. Whether your party wants to get dinner and see a Broadway show or enjoy a rockin’ bachelor party,

a bus can make that happen.

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