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How to Find Discount Hotel Rates With Ease!

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The cheaper you pay for hotel, the more you have to spend on food, drink, sightseeing, shopping and all the other parts of a vacation that make it truly great. Thanks to the Internet, finding discount hotel rates has never been easier. Here a few sites that’ll let you read hotel reviews, find holiday packages, and book hotel reservations at discount hotel rates!


Kayak is an aggregator of other search engines. What this means is that Kayak searches a repository of sites for you, and lists the page results based on a number of categories. This allows you to compare hundreds of discount hotel rates with ease, so that your hotel search is simplified, efficient and easy.


Priceline is an auction style site that allows users to name a price that they’re willing to pay. This will keep untempted by expensive, but attractive offers. This will help sort through the thousands of results to help you find the cheapest, and best discount hotel rates.


Hotelchatter is interesting in that it lists hotels based on the quality of their Internet access. For the businesspeople looking to economize their expenses, finding a hotel that has a strong Internet connection might trump the cheapest discount hotel rates.

Additionally, there are also many hidden discounts with hotels. Forbes, a leading business publication, suggests “f you are you a member of AARP, AAA, a professional group such as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association, you may be entitled to a discount. You can also search the Internet for discount codes.”

Good luck with your search! If you have any questions about how to find discount hotel rates, feel free to ask in the comments! Read more here.

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