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Hawaii is a beautiful state that is a popular location for tourism. Did you know that Hawaii was a thriving kingdom up until the last century, when it was annexed into the United States? The islands have formed as the result of millions of years of volcanic eruptions owing to a hotspot located miles below on the ocean floor. As the plates shift above the spot, different islands are formed. Even now, there are new islands rising to the top of the ocean. Outside of the Big Island, the last volcanic eruption was on Maui before the end of the 18th century. Vacationers enjoy the thrill of being located so close to volcanoes, yet being safe and in a tropical paradise at the same time.

If you are journeying or thinking about traveling to Hawaii, you might be interested in knowing what sort of undiscovered treasurers you can find on maps of Hawaii. Well, to begin with, you can look into finding the best beaches in Maui, Honolulu, and the best beaches in Oahu.

Bellows Field Beach Park is a popular beach for locals, and it is relatively unused by tourists because it is only open to the public on weekends since, as your maps of Hawaii will show you, it is part of the Bellows Air Force Station. The swimming area is protected by offshore reefs, and is a great beach for walking as well.

One of the most popular and famous beaches in Hawaii, Ka’anapali, is located in West Maui. On maps of maui or maps of Hawaii, you will notice it is located about fifty minutes from Kahului Airport. This beach is famous for its crystal clear water and miles of white sand. This area used to be a retreat for Maui royalty, and every day there is a daily reenactment of a cliff dive of a past king.

If you search your maps of Hawaii for interesting locations on Oahu, you will notice Hanauma Bay, which is known for its excellent snorkeling locations where beautiful fish can be observed.

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