Special Occasions to Tour in a Horse Carriage

Have you ever considered to ride in a horse carriage? If you have, then you’ll be happy to know there are many companies providing horse carriage rides for a variety of occasions and events including honeymoon, romantic dates, birthdays, Halloween and more. What is your occasion? Here are some of the activities ideal for classic carriage rides.

1. A City Tour

Horse carriage rides offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a city tour and get to see amazing sights in a classic style. A horse carriage tour can be experienced by anyone; therefore, you might as well bring your children on board and enjoy the ride as a family. To ensure you explore a city to your satisfaction, evaluate different horse carriage tour companies to get the best option that meets your tour needs.

2. Wedding/ Anniversary

What a way to make a grand entree at your wedding riding in a horse carriage. You’re certain to leave a good impression. Horse carriage rides are an excellent way to make your big day even more special and can really make it unique. Let’s hope you’ll remember the anniversary but this is yet another auspicious occasion you can choose to celebrate in style, buggy rides. The horse carriage also creates an amazing backdrop for your wedding pictures.

3. Romantic Date Night

Spice up your date night with a private horse tour and start creating good memories together. It is a simple and unique idea you can use to impress your new date and be sure to score some points from that. Horse carriage rides are not the most ideal way of arriving at a dinner date with your partner, but certainly, they’re one of the most romantic gestures.

4. Retirement/Promotion/Birthday or Any Other Friendly Occasion

Thinking of throwing a party for yourself or a colleague? Regardless of the occasion, you can choose to start off the party by first enjoying a tour in a horse carriage with your friends. You can get large carriages with a capacity of 18 riders. That should be enough to squeeze in your favorite buddies; the rest can proceed to the party.

There are a variety of carriages to choose from depending on your event’s theme and personal style. Most companies that offer horse carriage rides rent their services by the day, hourly, half-day or per event. For an ultimate tour experience, there are a few things you need to consider when booking your private horse tour and they include:

  • Booking late There is no guaranteed that every time you want to take a horse carriage ride you’ll get one, most often than not they are on high demand, especially during summer and holiday seasons. That’s why it’s important to reserve your carriage early in advance, perhaps days before the tour date. This ensures you enjoy discounts if there are any on early bookings plus favorable rates. Compare the rates offered by different tour companies and see what suits your budget.
  • Dress Appropriately and not just for the party after the ride, but for the horse carriage tour. However, this will depend on the weather and the season of the city you’re planning to visit. Most importantly, consider the temperature as it will inform how heavy or light you should wear. It’s easy to deal with high temperatures, but for chilly conditions, you’ll need an extra layer of warm clothing and cold accessories such as scarves and gloves.
  • Factor in the number of riders you’re bringing on board
    Horse carriage rides are designed for individuals, couples, and groups. For an individual, getting a carriage tour isn’t a problem, but as the number increases, let’s say a group of friends or family, then your best option is private carriage tours. However, remember that a horse has a limited carrying capacity and that their safety and health are highly prioritized. Inform the company well in advance of the number of riders you expect to have so you can be advised on the possibility and availability of a carriage to accommodate all of you.

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