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It’s Not Enough To Have In-Flight Movies Why You Need To Switch Out Your Airplane Plug Adapters

Air travel is the most comfortable and efficient it’s ever been. It didn’t get that way overnight.

Customers are vocal about their needs. It’s up to you to deliver. When over eight million people fly every day, it’s essential to constantly keep an ear to the ground for new developments. A comfortable flight experience encompasses everything from comfortable seating to in-flight entertainment. When you’re in doubt about your aircraft interior products’ ability to deliver, turn to a manufacturer that promises nothing but quality.

Airplane plug adapters that last. Bright aircraft interior LED lighting. These are the essential ingredients that go into any flight experience.

Today’s Impressive Air Travel Statistics

When millions of people fly every day, you have a lot of work to keep up with expectations. Thankfully, there are more than enough resources available today to keep up with the influx. Back in 2013 total passenger numbers would hit over three billion, surpassing the three billion mark for the first time in history. Direct spending by both resident and international travelers in the country averaged $3 billion a day and $105 million an hour. Direct spending on leisure travel, however, hit $645 billion in 2014.

The Main Reasons Most People Turn To Air Travel

Technology is a truly incredible thing. The ability to travel across the state, country, or internationally is as simple as choosing a ticket. According to recent studies, more than three out of four domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes. Air travel is particularly convenient for its fast time, but a common downside are cramped seating and a lack of things to do. This is where your quality IFE systems manufacturers come into play.

In-Demand Services For The In-Flight Entertainment

Air travel should be just as entertaining and freeform as any other form of travel. In-flight entertainment is one of the most demanded services by customers, irregardless of age or demographic. According to eDreams reviews conducted worldwide in 2014, Emirates was considered to have the best in-flight entertainment systems. These factors are so stark customers will outright switch to another carrier if they are not compensated. TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey saw 25% of respondents choosing one airline over another based on Wi-Fi.

Common Flight Habits To Be Aware Of

Not everyone travels the same. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t double-check your airplane plug adapters or IFE monitors, as it’s better to be too prepared than not prepared enough. Several studies on airline passenger behavior have been compiled over the years, revealing 40% of passengers prefer to watch movies to pass the time. Another 20% of passengers like to read and a little over 15% prefer to sleep. TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey saw 35% of respondents considering a tablet or iPad carry-on essential.

Questions To Ask Your Flight Entertainment Manufacturers

Providing a wide range of entertainment benefits and small conveniences will result in a memorable experience for your customers. Airline manufacturers should be brought in on a regular basis — yearly or twice yearly — to make sure all your technology is up-to-date. This means providing new airplane plug adapters or swapping out your small IFE monitors for larger versions. In seat USB power manufacturers are seeing even more attention lately thanks to evolving customer expectation. According to TripAdvisor’s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 55% use smartphones for flight status alerts.

Keep your customers accommodated and entertained. Change out your airplane plug adapters and talk to in flight entertainment companies about upgrades.

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