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5 Tips for Planning a Great Family Reunion

Many families gather each year for family reunions. It’s common for families to travel to reunions by charter bus, especially in rural areas. In fact, motorcoaches are often the only method of travel for those living in areas that air and rail are unable to reach. In addition, there are also five times the amount of charter bus terminals throughout the United States as there as intercity rail terminals. Before holding a family reunion, there are understandable concerns that will need to be taken care of. With that in mind, here are five tips to follow while planning a family reunion.

  1. Book a Location Months in Advance

    It’s understandable to feel that the location of a family reunion is extremely important. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that you’ve given people in charge of booking these locations time to prepare for your reunion. In fact, experts recommend booking your venue within one year of the intended reunion date. That being said, you can probably get away with waiting six to nine months to book the right venue. However, waiting longer than that could be quite risky.
  2. Send Invitations as Early as Possible

    After you’ve locked down a date and location for an upcoming reunion, it’s time to start sending out invitations. Sending out invitations as early as possible helps to ensure you’ll have the most attendees. Many people need to have invitations ahead of the reunion in order to take time off of work. If you’re on a budget, consider sending out simple invitations. You might find that a reunion budget is better spent on fun activities.
  3. Have a Wide Range of Activities Ready

    Family reunions are often events attended by people of all ages. Considering that, it’s important to have events planned that offer something for everyone to do. For children, consider throwing together games that they can play. For adults, having a dance area and a live band can help provide fun and memories throughout the duration of a reunion.
  4. Reduce Time and Stress with Catered Food

    As the date of a family reunion approaches, you might find that getting everyone to pitch in food and beverages is too much. With that in mind, many families have the worries associated with food and beverages taken care of by hiring a catering company. If you’re new to the area in which the reunion is taking place, consider asking local family members. You’ll likely find that they’ll be able to help you take care of catering options.
  5. Consider Planning a Reunion Planning Group

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed while planning a family reunion, consider reaching out for help. You’ll find that there are typically more than a few family members that are willing to offer their help. In addition, you’ll tend to find that those who are retired have a lot of time and can be a major source of help. There’s certainly nothing wrong with asking for help while planning a family reunion. In addition, you might find that this allows you to have additional bonding time with family members while planning this upcoming event.

In closing, there are several tips to follow that can help take the stress out of planning a family reunion. Many people find it’s wise to utilize a charter bus for family reunion travel purposes. As you will want to plan your reunion location early, it’s important to also book your charter bus in advance. These buses are incredibly efficient, providing an average 206.6 passenger miles per gallon of gasoline. In turn, this allows families to travel together while utilizing an environmentally friendly and efficient form of transportation.

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