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Why Limo Tours Are a Good Way to See Napa Valley’s Wine Country

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The rolling hills and vineyards of Napa Valley are a favored destination for tourists and wine buffs alike. There’s nothing quite like tasting the wines produced here in their natural setting, with some delicious cheese and crusty bread to go with it. One of the best ways to see the Napa valley is to take a tour with a limousine service. That way, you don’t have to have a designated driver who misses out all the fun. Limo services in the Bay Area offer wine tours along with other services like airport transportation and rentals for proms and other occasions.

Welcome to the wine country
Napa Valley is renowned for its natural beauty, vineyards and arts. It attracts thousands of visitors from across the country, and around the world, each year. Most visitors head for the vineyards, which offer wine tastings, tours and shops to purchase their products. Those planning a longer trip can also take the time to discover world class golf resorts, spas, spectacular balloon rides, five-star restaurants, theaters and musical performances.
A typical day trip would take in stops at three to five vineyards, with tastings and food to accompany the wine. Some guided trips are thematic, incorporating yoga or art galleries into the wine tour. Most people, by the time they get to their third glass, are pleasantly buzzed. While this is a great way to enjoy touring the vineyards, driving can become a problem. A chauffeured tour is the best way to enjoy the vineyards and the wine tasting experience responsibly.

Safe travels with limo services
Many limo services offer wine tours, with experienced drivers who know the area well. One of the major advantages of a limo rental is that there is no need for a designated driver, so no one in your party has to miss out the fun and the wine tastings. Drunk driving is a real problem, with over 330,000 incidents reported each year across the country.
Some 2,800 people are arrested for drunk driving every day, but the risk of serious accidents remains. It’s difficult enjoy a carefree day of wine tasting with these grim statistics in the background. Choosing wine tours with limousine services solves this problem in a single swoop, replacing risk and anxiety with a luxurious journey.

What to expect from wine tours
Limo rentals come with experienced drivers, who take as many as 150 trips a week. You can trust them to deal with traffic, delays, weather and all other annoyances drivers encounter, while you can relax and enjoy the day and the company. Many limousine services in the Bay Area have wine and champagne tours, along with other regular services like airport transportation.
Drivers who are familiar with the area can take you off the beaten track to discover hidden treasures like boutique wineries, rustic barns and old, sprawling estates. Most tours can be customized, for experienced wine connoisseurs or beginners.

Many limo services in the Bay Area offer wine tours as well as their regular services like airport transportation. Chauffeured wine tours are a responsible way to enjoy wine tastings and vineyard visits in California’s beautiful Napa Valley.

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