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Ski In Ski Out Properties What To Look For

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It should come as no surprise that people love to ski. Skiing is a sport that has always been popular, and that popularity is only expected to rise. In the past, winter sports and water sports ere only participated in by less than 15% of the population; however, their rates have risen over the past year. Don’t be mistaken, though — 15% of the population is still a high number. In the year 2015 alone, 13.5 million people skied at least once in 2015; almost 7.6 million people snowboarded in America that same year. Luckily, there are a number of places that are willing to accommodate the desire to ski — in the 2012-2013 winter season, America had 477 ski resorts, visited by just under 57 million skiers. It should go without saying that in this day and age in particular, those who want to ski on vacation find typical hotel vacations a little lacking. A hotel has neither the space or the accommodations necessary for those who want to ski. This is why ski in ski out properties are gaining popularity. These vacation rental properties have a number of amenities that are preferable to vacationers who want to go skiing. Let’s look into the advantages of ski in ski out lodging, and why it might be best for you and your family.

Skiing On Vacation: Where To Go

As mentioned previously, skiing is becoming a more and more popular sport and hobby for Americans. But unfortunately, not all of us get to go skiing as much as we might want to. Skiing requires a specific set of conditions — not just snow, but cold weather that can maintain the level of snow needed to ski, and mountains as well. These locations also need to be safe for skiers. Many people who love to ski don’t live anywhere near ideal ski conditions — thus, vacations are really their only chances to ski as much as they want to. In fact, plenty of people take vacations specifically to ski. The world’s best skiing locations aren’t limited to the famous ones, like Aspen or Vale. Girdwood, Alaska is another American town known for its great skiing conditions, as is Bozeman, Montana. In Canada, Fernie, British Columbia is famed for being great for skiing. If you want to go overseas, European cities like Zermatt, Switzerland and Chamonix, France are perfect skiing locations. No matter where you stay, you need to look for a great ski in ski out vacation rental.

Ski In Ski Out Properties: What To Look For

A ski in ski out property is a bit different from your typical vacation rental. Oftentimes, these properties feature cabins for vacationers to stay in, offering a beautiful, wintery experience. Other advantages of ski in ski out properties include the fact that they’re actually equipped to house your ski gear. It’s certainly difficult to find space for that gear in a hotel or condo. But there are other pros to choosing these properties over others. They offer the many advantages of a vacation rental, but are more specialized than other vacation rentals. Often times, you can easily get a lift to where you want to ski when vacationing in properties like these. Another important aspect of these properties is safety. It’s important to tell people when you and your family are skiing, and equally important that these people have the authority to deploy search and rescue when they have to.

Choosing A Ski Property: What To Look For

It’s true that it can be difficult to choose a ski property that suits all of you needs. But certainly, you can find a rental property perfect for you and your family. Look out for one with enough space, so that the kids don’t go crazy. Certainly, you should also seek out “perks” like a hot tub and a full kitchen. You should expect something like a cabin, cozy and comfortable. Whatever you choose — have fun!

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