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How to Spend Whatever You Want When You’re on Vacation

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Vacations can get expensive, especially if you want to stay in villa rentals or resorts. However, it’s really important that you get away and take a break from life every once in awhile. Studies show that vacations can refresh your mind and help you to rejuvenate so that you can be more productive during your regular day to day life. When you work out, you usually leave a day for your muscles to repair themselves, don’t you? Your mind is no different. It needs a break from time to time. But, how do you go on vacation without defeating the purpose by worrying about money the entire time that you’re gone? Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

Save Up Your PTO
One of the main problems with money during a vacation is that a lot of times, people have to take them unpaid if they haven’t saved up enough paid time off, or if they’ve already used it up. A great way to know that you are still being responsible and taking care of your duties while relaxing in luxury villas is to save up your PTO so your paycheck doesn’t change while you’re gone. If you can do this, it will be a lot easier to come back without stressing about how the bills are going to get paid. If you don’t save PTO during a vacation, you’ll have to save not only for the vacation itself but for the all the time off that you are not working. That can be pretty stressful and then the entire time that you’re on vacation, you’ll be trying to skimp and save so that you have more money when you get home.

Look into All Inclusive Vacation Packages
All inclusive vacation packages are a great way to put a cap on how much you spend during your vacation. Rather than spending as you go, if you look into all inclusive vacation packages, you’ll find that you can buy most of what you need before hand and have it included in the package. All inclusive vacation packages usually include the stay, food, amenities, activities, service and even sometimes vouchers for off site locations like restaurants or theme parks. By investing in one of these all inclusive vacation packages, you can be sure that you aren’t going to spend a lot more money once you get there so you can carefully budget everything before you even get there.

Set Aside a Little at a Time
The worst way to vacation is to worry about how much you are spending. The best way, is to set aside a little of your paycheck every time you get paid, even if you don’t have a vacation planned. This way, once you do plan your vacation, you’ll have plenty of spending money saved up. You could put that money on a prepaid card or take it out in cash in order to be sure that you don’t dip into your regular account while you’re away. This is a money saver because it limits how much you spend without making a big deal of how much you’re spending. Once the money is gone, it’s gone but the nice thing is, you aren’t trying to save any for when you come back.

That’s what of the main goals here: don’t try to save your spending money while on vacation. You need to figure out a way that will work for you in order to be able to spend whatever you want without trying to save some for when you are back. You should have a separate savings for that. The truth is, no one wants to spend the entire vacation being careful with money. Vacation is the one time that you should be able to splurge and buy whatever you want without worrying about going broke or into debt. And all it requires it a little forethought and pre-planning. If you can start planning your vacation before you even know when you’ll be able to take one or where you want to go, then it will help you be able to set aside time and money. You could even combine all these tips.

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