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Considering Jet Charter Services? Here is Why You Should!

Aircraft charter services

Jet charter services are big business in the United States. There are approximately 2,100 jet charter operators currently working in the U.S. to be a charter operator; you must have either an air carrier or commercial operator certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as operations specifics including company names, authorizations, and limitations.

Jet charter services are so convenient because charter plans have the ability to fly in and out of over 5000 public use airports. That is more than 100 times the ability of airline companies. Charter service also eliminates many of the common complaints people have about commercial flying. For example, comfortable seating, leg room, and being able to choose the seat you want are common complaints. These are non-issues on charter private jets.

Aircraft charter services are about more than luxury, they are about increased productivity. Choosing a private charter for business travel allows you to make better use of your time while traveling. One study showed that passengers on private charter spend roughly 35% of their time meeting with colleagues, 30% of their time working on work tasks, and 30% of their time on leisurely activities.

The majority of business charters use smaller airports that are not utilized by commercial airlines. They have no scheduled service or infrequent air services, which makes them more flexible for last minute flights and travel. The average business traveler takes 15 business related trips of the course of six months.

One study showed that small to mid-sized charter companies comprise the majority of business charter operators. This makes the level of attention, flexibility, and care more personal. Smaller companies can be more accommodating. Private jet charters provide valuable services that can not be replaced by commercial airlines. Large airlines can not make the accommodations necessary for frequent travelers.

Next time you need to go on a business trip, considers the option to charter a private jets. While the costs may be higher than using a commercial airline, the benefits, comfort, and ability to increase productivity far outweigh the costs.

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