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Make Live Sports a Big Part of Your London Vacation

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London is a city known for its sports. Most famously, the capital of the United Kingdom held the 2012 Summer Olympics. During that time, 700,000 international tourists visited the city, generating 1.1% growth and an additional £700 million for the local tourist industry. London’s budget hotels, one of the strongest segments of its nearly 130,000 hotel rooms on offer, experienced a huge boost in overnight stays, and London herself saw one of the best years for revenue in her history.

Of course, London Town was well known for sports before the 2012 Olympics and continues to earn its reputation each and every year. If you’re taking advantage of cheap hotel rates in London and enjoying a family outing with those you love most, here are the three best places to go to enjoy the sports environment of the Big Smoke.

Wembley Stadium
The first Wembley Stadium was built in 1923. From there, football, often referred to as “soccer” in North America, spread across the world. According to FIFA, the sport is now played by over 265 million people around the globe, making it the most popular sport. Rebuilt in 2007, modern Wembley Stadium, located in London proper, is a marvel of architecture and one of the most positively regarded football stadiums in Europe. Fans of football should try finding cheap hotel deals for March 2014, when the Premier League Cup Final will be held in the stadium.

The All England Club
Watched by 378 million people and attended by nearly 500,000 every year, according to Wimbledon, the Championships at Wimbledon, held at London’s All England Club, are some of the most watched sporting events around the world, year after year. For many, the Wimbledon tournament is held at the perfect time of the year to get away to London’s cheap hotel rooms and have a wonderful vacation filled with food, culture, and sports. Save a space on your calendar and start searching for cheap hotel rates for the end of June through the beginning of July to enjoy this premier tennis event.

Lord’s Cricket Grounds
According to Top End Sports, a sports website devoted to sports science, cricket is the third most popular sport in the world, placing only behind proper football and basketball. While cricket matches rarely see the light of day in the New World, the fact is that the sport is played across Europe and throughout Southeast Asia. If you’re a nutter for cricket, find your way to Lord’s Cricket Grounds, located near some of the best hotels known for their cheap hotel prices, in St. John’s Woods from September to March.

As you can see, London has rightly earned a reputation for hosting amazing sporting events, beyond its magical run as the host of the Olympics. Whether you love cricket, football, or tennis, you can experience some of the best events for the disciplines you love, while enjoying cheap hotel rates at the best hotels the city has to offer. Refernce materials.

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