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Luxury golf vacation

One of the oldest golf clubs in America is St. Andrew’s Golf Club, which is found in Yonkers, NY. This golf club was first established back in 1888, and still exists today. The game of golf is a very old one, and during 1457, King James the second banned golf because he viewed it as a distraction from Scotland’s military. Today, there are golf trip packages that are easily found online, and if you’re trying to find the best golf vacations, it’s encouraged to do some research. The game of golf isn’t considered an Olympic sport yet, but will be accepted into the Olympic Games during 2016.

Finding golf trip packages is done by visiting social networking sites, directories, and vacation sites as well. People who are looking for luxury golf vacations have plenty of options to choose from because there is several golf trip packages available around the country. Furthermore, there are also golf trip packages for overseas travelers as well. The average swing of an LPGA professional is around 96mph, and the longest put recorded in golf history is 375 feet. Golf is a game of skill, patience, and even stamina. It’s advised to read reviews about golf trip packages online to gain more information.

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