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Why Private Jet Membership is One of the Hallmarks of Business Success

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While a business charter jet may seem like a luxury, to those who have experienced it, it can quickly become a necessity. Wide bodied business jets can seat not only top executives but also managers, technical and sales staff and service personnel. This makes them mobile offices: highly comfortable, productive mobile work spaces, in fact. For many companies, private jet membership is more than a perk of success. It’s the way to get there.

A productive work environment
Private jets evoke an aura of luxury and comfort. They’re also highly productive work spaces, especially when compared to commercial flights. A survey conducted in 2009 found that travelers on business charter jets are 20% more productive when they are on board company aircraft than when they are in the office.

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Five Benefits of Private Jet Charters for Businesses

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Every business owner wants to accomplish more in less time. Traveling by commercial airline is notoriously known for its headaches. One notable pain is having to wait for hours on end in long lines. This time could be better spent handling work related matters. Many business owners prefer using a private jet charter for business related travel. In this post, you will learn the benefits of using a private jet charter for business purposes.

  • Increased Productivity: Research shows that it is extremely hard to focus during a commercial flight. Data collected in 2009 found that employees experienced a 40 percent drop in feelings of productivity. Using private jets for business travel allows staff to communicate openly without unrelated parties being involved. Workers on a company air
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