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The Top Five Benefits of Traveling in a Charter Bus

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Summer is here, and with the warm sun, cool breezes, and high temperatures, road trip season has officially begun. Many people will try to cram everyone and everything into a car or SUV, but they’re the ones missing out.

Charter buses are one of the absolute best ways to travel, especially if you’re looking to travel with a large group of people. Traveling with a group of friends or extended family members can be new and exciting, as charter buses can help you plan the perfect trip. So if you’re planning a big getaway this summer, here are the top five benefits of hiring a charter bus.

Environmentally Friendly

Believe it or not, bus companies offer one of the most environmentally friendly methods of t

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Top Foods to Eat in Paris

Luxury paris apartment rentals

Paris, the city of lights, the city of romance, and the city of food. Yes, food.

Who doesn’t dream of French food? Here are some top French foods you are not to miss during your next vacation in Paris. Whether you eat them in a bakery, a fine dining restaurant, or in your luxury accommodations in Paris, it doesn’t matter.

Consume them all!

Croque Monsieur

This simple sandwich was the start of fast food in France, and is not to be missed during any French vacation. Simply put, it is a fried ham sandwich with a little bit of mustard, coated with melty, gooey cheese. But as per true French fashion, it is not an ordinary ham and cheese that any American would be used to. It full of tasty spices and beautiful buttery deliciousness that will put any American fast

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Why Florida is a Great Vacation Destination for All

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Summer time is finally here. That means warmer weather and vacation time. It means that your children are out of school and waiting to be entertained. The summer is a popular time for vacations because of the open availabilities in everyone?s schedules. It can be difficult to plan a family vacation that caters to all preferences and likes of each family member. However, some vacation destinations provide a variety of activities and amenities for all types of family members. A great vacation destination is that of the state of Florida. Florida offers a unique and exciting vacation destination for a variety of reasons.

Wherever you go in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from the beach. The beach and the ocean are usually an exciting destination for many members of the family. The ocean is so la

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Vacation Rentals Allow Families to Visit Beautiful Locations

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The RV trips have been fun. Instead of paying for a hotel as you make the long drive from Omaha to Myrtle Beach, you simply stop at one of your favorite campsites. With friends at the campsites along the way and one grandmother traveling with you to help with the children, the trip has been manageable. So manageable, in fact, that this is the fifth summer you have made the trip.
Upon arriving at your destination, you set up home base under a large awning. Six lounge chairs, sand castle tools, plenty of sunscreen, a heavy duty four wheel wagon to haul the food, bogey boards, inflatables, and a battery operated pump to and from the RV, and the three week vacation is all set.
In spite of the great weather and the kid’s excitement, however, it all seems like a little too much work. After th

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