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How to Spend Whatever You Want When You’re on Vacation

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Vacations can get expensive, especially if you want to stay in villa rentals or resorts. However, it’s really important that you get away and take a break from life every once in awhile. Studies show that vacations can refresh your mind and help you to rejuvenate so that you can be more productive during your regular day to day life. When you work out, you usually leave a day for your muscles to repair themselves, don’t you? Your mind is no different. It needs a break from time to time. But, how do you go on vacation without defeating the purpose by worrying about money the entire time that you’re gone? Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

Save Up Your PTO
One of the main problems with money d

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Need Cruise Vacation Ideas? 2 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

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You’ve made up your mind. You’ve always wanted to go on a cruise, and you’re ready to do it. You’ve saved up your vacation time, and you’re ready to finally put in the request to use it. There’s only one real problem: You have no idea how to plan a cruise. You need some cruise vacation ideas.

First, some facts:

  • One out of every four workers in America don’t get any paid time off, and only a quarter of the ones that do use all of them each year.
  • Cruises normally last about 7 days, and the average passenger spends about $1,700 on their cruise.
  • Just under 20% of Americans have been on a cruise.

Now, some cruise vacation ideas:


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Are You Ready to Plan a Family Vacation that Everyone Will Love?

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Just once you wanted a chance to say “yes” to your children.
When you are out for dinner you want to be able to tell them that it is okay to order the expensive flavored lemonade smoothie. It is okay to order the triple threat chocolate dessert.
You have always been a family that has been careful with your money. You go out to eat, but you split an appetizer among your family of five and everyone drinks water. You stop by the ice cream shop, but you give everyone a limit for what they can spend.
For once, you wanted to offer your family the opportunity to order what they want when they want it. That is why when “All Inclusive Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas” showed up in your email one day, you immediatel

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