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Be Bond, James Bond, when You Visit These London Locales

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While London is well known as an epicenter of business and a center for art and international culture, it’s equally renowned as a principal character in one of the most successful film series in cinematic history. James Bond, known around the world as 007, has starred in 23 different films, has been embodied by 7 different actors, and has earned $13.8 billion in box office revenues, according to

2013′s “Skyfall,” winner of the 2013 BAFTA for Outstanding British Film, brought Daniel Craig’s Bond back into the spotlight, ensuring that another generation will be able to enjoy the playboy exploits of the world’s greatest spy. The new film has also been a huge driver of the 30 million people the London Plan estimates visit the city and stay in her best hotels annually. As a living part of many o

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