Customized walking tour

Are you planning a trip to New York City this year? Maybe you are going to see the fall colors in October or maybe you are finally going to the Thanksgiving Day Parade to be apart of the crowd. New York is a lively city with so much to do, see, and enjoy it is easy to understand why nearly 60 million people visit every single year. Whatever your interests may be, you are sure to find something you love. One way to really enjoy New York is to pick one of the many tours that are offered. Some tours involve walking or biking while others involve riding on a bus while an experienced guide offers information. What truly makes these tours unique, however, is the subject matter. Below are three of the most interesting tours you can book in New York City:

1. Central Park Walking Tour NYC

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Campgrounds in michigan

You might think right off the bat that camping isn’t for you. People may have asked you to join them on a camping trip in the past and you have assured yourself and them that camping is not something you could ever like, never mind grow to enjoy. But if you actually take a look at all the things camping truly has to offer, you might just very well come to a completely different conclusion. Camping, in the end, just might be for you.

For example, campgrounds near lake vacation spots will offer a great deal more to some people than camping in the desert or the forest somewhere. Campgrounds near lake water can be some of the most glorious camping spots

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Campgrounds oh

Everyone needs an escape. Sometimes it’s a mental break, sometimes it’s a physical break, or sometimes it’s an emotional break. Despite out advances in technology — and how completely addicted to it we might be — Americans are getting outside more often than ever before. Those breaks are needed, and Americans are taking them.

“Camping” means different things to different people. Some people think of camp resorts, where countless groups rent a spot to pitch their tent while others do the same nearby. Some people think of tent camping in the woods, completely alone. Some people think of hopping in an RV and driving to the middle of nowhere. Whatever your definition, camping is popular.

According to The American Camper Report, about 14% of Americans went camping in 2013 — that’s about 40 million peop

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