For today’s business, travel has become an essential part of getting the job done. Even with the rise of high-speed communication such as Skype, cloud services, and e-mail, some work is best done in person, and businessmen and women are hopping on board planes, trains, and more to meet new clients, business partners, carry out inspections, give presentations, and more. Plenty of airlines, trains, and taxis already exist, as do the hotels to house travelers. But a businessman or woman has a lot to juggle, and relegating business travel logistics to a travel management company can make things go more smoothly and for only a small cost (exact costs will vary). Corporate travel management gets someone from point A to point B in a snap.

Getting Around

There are plenty of business professionals getting around, of all ages. In 2017 alone, for example, American travelers took a total of 462 million domestic business trips, and experts predict that this figure may rise to 499.4 mi

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Flying is a popular form of travel for many people. One study found that nearly 8 million people fly each day. While flying, many passengers want something to keep them entertained. In fact, statistics show that 41% of those flying on airlines prefer to watch movies. Considering that, a major airline company recently made major improvements to their in flight video capabilities.

Delta Airlines Adds Seatback Entertainment Systems

In flight entertainment technology is certainly becoming popular in the aviation world. It’s understandable that more people are expecting certain amenities from home while flying. One of these amenities is having in flight entertainment to enjoy. However, the days of having large projection systems in aircraft are quickly coming to an end.

Delta recently got to enjoy quite a celebration. This company recently installed seatback entertainment systems on their 600th aircraft. According

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A new job for your husband at the end of the summer means lots of travel. None of the trips are far, but needs to make several trips back and forth between Omaha and Denver and Omaha and Minneapolis. Traveling to meet his team in Denver and to Minneapolis to meet his biggest customer is important as he works to understand his new role with this company. He does not really mind traveling both ways in the same day, especially because it means he does not need to spend a night away from home.
It makes for some very long days and the cheap flights are not typically available, but the fact that there is no rental car and no hotel means that the trips that are billed to the customer are not really that expensive. For your family, this means lots of miles on a couple of airlines that you use on a fairly regular basis. In turn, you hope that these miles will tr

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