Airport express shuttle services

When it comes to getting from point A to B for travelers, there are many different options for individuals besides the typical taxi cab. Charter buses are widely popular for large groups of individuals going to an attraction. Those who might need to get from an airport to a hotel would enjoy the benefits of an airport shuttle. No matter how travelers choose to get around, in North America alone, motor coach travel makes up over 630,000,000 trips for passengers each year. But what are the best options to choose, and why should individuals choose them?

Charter Buses Are Ideal for Large Groups Such as Churches or School Groups

When it comes to taking large groups out, using charter buses might be the best choice. This is because the buses are equipped for large gro

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Campgrounds in oh

When are you planning to take your next camping trip? The 2016 North American Camping Report states that twice as many people went tent camping in 2016 than they did in 2015. Furthermore, the next time they go camping, three-out-of-ten campers plan to spend more nights camping.

It appears that even though people camp to enjoy the outdoors at different types of campgrounds, including southern campgrounds, they still want to be connected to their devices. When heading to public campgrounds, many people expect to continue having mobile access. When campers are able to check their email while camping, it’s interesting to note that they spend an average of three more days camping.

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Chartering a bus

Today, charter bus trips are enjoying a renewed popularity. According to the American bus Association, coach bus transportation was the fastest growing form of travel in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012, with over 750 million passenger trips annually. Whether a group is traveling for business or recreation, chartering a bus is a great idea, and it seems that people of all ages are realizing this. Since 2012, students and senior citizens accounted for over half of passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry, with adults and young adults making up the other half. Students embarking on a long-term camping trip, seniors taking to the road to see sights they haven’t seen before; the beauty of the American la

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