Restaurant finger lakes ny

In the Fingerlakes region, finding a wedding venue isn’t the hard part, it’s choosing one. This gorgeous area is teeming with lovely lakefront restaurants and hotels Finger Lakes NY visitors love.

When you’re in town checking out all of the amazing Rochester NY wedding venues, event venues, and lakefront restaurants, why not stop by the following spots to see everything Rochester NY has to offer?

The Top Seven Things to Do in the Finger Lakes Region

  1. Corning Museum of Glass

    With live glassmaking demonstrations, hands-on exhibits, and stunning art collections, the Corning Museum of G

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Michigan land for sale

When it comes to owning a large property, many individuals do not stop to consider the benefits hunting property may offer. They could suggest that hunting does not benefit the environment, or would not bring enough revenue for anyone daring enough to own it. Here are three reasons why having hunting land is a major benefit for hunters, owners, and the environment.

Owning Property Can Bring in Revenue from Interested Hunters

Hunters are a group that are willing to spend money in order to practice their hobby. A normal hunter can spend well over $2,000 a year, just so they can indulge in the sport. There are several hunting seasons for different animals, including fish. Overall, there are about 21 hunting days per hunter, meaning there is a huge opportunity for owners of la

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Campgrounds with a pool

In 2013, a total of 40.1 million Americans camped with many of them getting engaged in multiple outdoor activities and enjoying family time with relatives or immediate family members. More and more people are finding fun and pleasure in camping and the American Camper Report continues to document an increasing number of campers. So, if you are looking for an ideal camping location, choosing sunny campgrounds allows you to bask in the open sunlight, breaking away from usual city grind.

Essential Amenities

Camping in the open campground is a popular activity during the summer or spring season. It is a cheap alternative to other types of holiday or vacation accommodations. Read more ...